And I don’t want her to beat me up, so…

1. My mom loves jigsaw puzzles and is very, very good at them.

2. I saw this jigsaw puzzle in the window of The Games People Play store.

3. When I’ve gotten her very hard puzzles before, she’s yelled at me (then completed them).

4. I will not be getting this for her any time soon. 9000 pieces.

9000 piece Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle.  Games People Play.  Cambridge MA

“The Games People Play” shop window
Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA

Just like mom used to make.

The office was switched to a new coffee system which can do lattes and other foamy drinks. Of course to do this, you need Real Milk Froth.

Even the boxes are mouth-watering:

Cases of Real Mike Froth.
“Real Milk Froth”. Mmmm-Mmmm Good.

The office storage area
At work

Because graveyards need more comedy!

On the way home from the doctor today, we passed this perfectly-placed sign at a cemetery.

Comedy Night at Fox Hill Cemetery, Billerica MA
Comedy Night at the Cemetery

Fox Hill Cemetery
Andover Road
Billerica, MA

Lucky me! I have learned how an IV pump works.

Because of some gross stuff that happened Saturday, I got several close-up views of the innards of various IV pumps over the next few days.   (Those little teeth above the black arrows form a wave to push the liquid through the hose.)

The gizzards of an IV pump.
The pleasant end of an IV pump.

The unpleasant end of an IV pump.
The UNpleasant end of an IV pump.

At the ER
Lowell, MA


Everything at the new Target store in Central Square (downtown) Cambridge is sized so you can carry it out and walk or take it on the bus or subway.

Here is a freaking clever idea to make it easy to carry a multipack beverage container. The cashier applies a stick-on handle that grips tightly to the box so you can carry it home.

Ingenious multipack beverage handle from Target
Multipack beverage handle.

From the new little Target
Central Square
Cambridge, MA

Sometimes you need a road trip.

On Saturday, a blizzard was racing up the east coast, so it seemed the ideal time to drive two hours north to Freeport Maine to stop at L.L.Bean to check out some cold weather gear.

Me and Big Foot at L.L.Bean, Freeport Maine
Me and Big Foot at L.L.Bean, Freeport Maine

Lunch at Gritty McDuff's Brew Pub, Freeport Maine
Lunch at Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub, Freeport Maine

Marlin drove.
Heading north was easy, but I-95 and I-495 were both snow-covered and slick all the way home.

[1] L.L.Bean
[2] Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub
US Route 1
Freeport, Maine

It’s too soon for chocolate to be wrapped in pink.

This aisle of Valentines Day chocolates in a dollar store (on New Year’s Eve) kinda scared me today.

New Year's Eve at the dollar store: Valentine's chocolates
New Year’s Eve at the dollar store: Valentine’s chocolates   [iPhone SE]

Not to be outdone, the next aisle over was filled with Easter stuff.

Family Dollar
Wilmington, MA