“Is it safe?” asked Laurence Olivier.

So Marlin says to me, “[that was] not the time for a selfie”.
But what else was I supposed to do for two hours this morning?

At the Dentist: Stuff in my mouth, while wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
A Hawaiian shirt is always a stylish choice.

At the Dentist
Mt Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA

Both of these kinda bother me

Two stickers today, both a little weird.

OUT OF OTHER - MBTA Commuter Rail from Lowell to Boston
“OUT OF OTHER” | On the train this morning.

WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE BOSTON | On a bike rack in Somerville

The web site for the World Naked Bike Ride has lots of details. They describe it as grown-up, very respectful, party time; as bare as you dare!
Yeah, I won’t be there.

[1] MBTA Commuter Rail from Lowell to Boston MA
[2] Elm St Somerville MA

“I do believe it; I do believe it’s true.”

The snow leopards and the goats share a rocky hill here.

Barriers are here for your protection. Do not cross. | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
What could go wrong?

Caution. Animals Can Bite. | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
No, really. What could go wrong?

Arctic Fox | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
Bite? This pretty little puppy would never bite.

Eagle and Owl | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
These little birdies couldn’t hurt anybody!

Nursing Monkeys | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
Oh my goodness! The momma monkey’s tits are showing!

The Stone Zoo
Stoneham, MA

It’s a toothy kind of morning.

This xray looks like toes:
(But it’s my teeth.)

Teeth xrays that look like toes.

Meanwhile, the Hatch Shell is looking like a land shark with big teeth:
(But they’re just getting ready for the big Boston Pops Fourth of July Concert.)

Hatch Shell with big teeth.  Boston MA

[1] At the Endodontist (in the West End)
[2] The Edward A. Hatch Memorial Shell (at the Charles River Esplanade)
Boston, MA

Even at town meeting

Because we have a popular-vote-losing president, who has shown himself to be a liar, a xenophobe, a bigot, and a spreader of fear and distrust, good people all over the country have decided to take the real greatness of America into their own hands. Like this sign announcing New England Town Meetings on Mount Desert Island in Maine.

Mount Desert, Bar Harbor Town Meeting: All are welcome here.  Together we ALL make America great.

TOWN MEETING: All are welcome here. All races. All religions. All ethnicities. All countries of origin. All sexual orientations. All gender identities. All abilities and disabilities. All languages. All ages. Together we ALL make America great.

Sign in a convenience store
Bar Harbor, Maine

Signs Seen on Vacation.

We played tourist in downtown Bar Harbor today.

No Hunting, Fishing, or Trapping in the Independent Cafe, Bar Harbor ME
No hunting, fishing, or trapping is allowed inside the Independent Cafe coffee shop!

Lobsters relaxing in a hot tub.  Stewman's Restaurant, Bar Harbor ME
Most lobsters actually do not enjoy hot tubs.

H8UALL License Plate: What it's like to live among tourists.  Bar Harbor ME
The pain of living among tourists.

Bar Harbor, ME

And I don’t want her to beat me up, so…

1. My mom loves jigsaw puzzles and is very, very good at them.

2. I saw this jigsaw puzzle in the window of The Games People Play store.

3. When I’ve gotten her very hard puzzles before, she’s yelled at me (then completed them).

4. I will not be getting this for her any time soon. 9000 pieces.

9000 piece Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle.  Games People Play.  Cambridge MA

“The Games People Play” shop window
Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA

Just like mom used to make.

The office was switched to a new coffee system which can do lattes and other foamy drinks. Of course to do this, you need Real Milk Froth.

Even the boxes are mouth-watering:

Cases of Real Mike Froth.
“Real Milk Froth”. Mmmm-Mmmm Good.

The office storage area
At work

Because graveyards need more comedy!

On the way home from the doctor today, we passed this perfectly-placed sign at a cemetery.

Comedy Night at Fox Hill Cemetery, Billerica MA
Comedy Night at the Cemetery

Fox Hill Cemetery
Andover Road
Billerica, MA