No bike today; forced to take the Red Line.

Coming out of the Cambridge tunnel, about to cross the Charles into Boston…

View from the Red Line, Longfellow Bridge, Charles River, Cambridge MA

View from the MBTA Red Line
Approaching the Longfellow Bridge construction site
Cambridge, MA

The bike path along the Charles can be a dangerous place.

Canadian Geese don’t take no shit from bikers or runners. Neither do their spring hatchlings.

Canadian Geese family, bike path next to the Charles River, Boston MA
Canadian Geese Family

Canadian Geese hatchlings, bike path next to the Charles River, Boston MA
Canadian Geese Hatchlings

Along the Bike Path
Charles River
Boston, MA

But *everyone’s* been to see Old Ironsides (except me)

My commute brings me within a block of the Charlestown Navy Yard but I’ve never been there before. So tonight me and the bike went and played tourist for a bit.

Old Ironsides Masthead, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston MA
Old Ironsides Masthead
(That low building across the harbor behind the rightmost glass tower is TD Garden and North Station)

Just a street, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston MA
Just a cobblestoned street

The Rope Yard, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston MA
It takes a lonnnnnnnnnnng building to make rope.

Charlestown Navy Yard
Boston, MA

You can tell it’s spring; the bikes are in bloom.

This bike could be a kindergarten color test.

Massively Multi-Colored Bicycle, Cambridge MA

Bike Rack
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

EXTREME bicycle safety.

This guy’s ready for when his bike explodes into a fiery ball of fire.

Bicycle Safety.  Harvard Square, Cambridge MA
Bicycle Safety: Always have a fire extinguisher handy.

Mt. Auburn Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge MA

Did you ever think about how weird bulbs are?

In the fall, you dig a hole in the ground and put this thing that looks like an onion.
Then, after winter’s over and the snow melts away, a daffodil pokes its head up.

Front Yard Daffodils - Lowell MA
Front Yard Daffodils

My front yard
Lowell MA

We’re everywhere

Because we have a popular-vote-losing president, who in his first hundred days has shown himself to surround himself with like-minded people who trade in lies, dismissal of the poor and sick, bigotry, fear, and xenophobia, good people all over the country have decided to take the real greatness of America into their own hands. Like this sign at a studio at Mill # 5 in Lowell.

HATE HAS NO HOME HERE.  Sign at Mill # 5, Lowell MA

Fourth Floor, Mill # 5
Lowell MA

One stuttering sign.   One punny sign.

The the very official sign has a problem. The the problem is near the the top of the the sign.

Safety sign at the The Cambridge Hospital
Safety sign at the The Cambridge Hospital.

Well, it’s my second favorite type of men:

Bisq Restaraunt: My favorite type of men is ramen. Cambridge MA
“My favorite type of men is ramen.”

[1] The Cambridge Hospital
[2] Bisq Restaurant
Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA