The first casualty of the season.

Every year, at least a dozen bikes chained to parking meters don’t survive the winter.

Möbius Bicycle, Harvard Square, Cambridge MA USA
The first Möbius Bike of the season

It’s even sadder than those ASPCA TV commercials.

Mt Auburn Street
near Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA.

You can tell it’s spring; the bikes are in bloom.

This bike could be a kindergarten color test.

Massively Multi-Colored Bicycle, Cambridge MA

Bike Rack
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

I need to know what led to this.

Abandoned bike frame in a snow bank on the sidewalk. The frame’s top tube has been cut. The crank, pedals, front chain rings, and front derailleur have been carefully removed, along with the seat and seat post, handlebars, stem, and headset, and both wheels and brake mechanisms. But the chain is still there.

Someone put a lot of work into this.

Mystery Bike Frame in a snowbank.  Lowell MA
Mystery Bike Frame

In a snowbank
Market Street
Downtown Lowell, MA

Distance to girth to mass

Had to stop on the way to work this morning to take this picture:

My bike computer at 500 miles
The GPS bike computer on my folding (commuting) bike hit 500 miles this morning.

   +500 miles distance =
     -2 inches girth   =
    -23 pounds mass


Cambridge Street just east of Inman Square
Cambridge MA

Isn’t it supposed to be “green with envy”?

Aran’s new bike is a thing of beauty.

Aran's shiny silver and blue bike

At the bike rack
Cambridge, MA

I’m declaring war on Christmas, armed with balls and tinsel.

Johnny:   Denny, don’t you have something else to do?
Denny:   I just like to watch you guys.  

Bikes with Balls, Harvard Square, Cambridge

Bikes with Balls, Harvard Square, Cambridge

  Inappropriate dialogue from the movie The Room, of course.

A Bike Rack in an alley off Mt. Auburn Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

Getting the artbikes ready for Christmas!

Don’t have the ornaments on them yet, but…

Bike Art for the Holidays

Word on the street is that the squirrels have been trying to steal the tinsel.

On a bike rack at the end of an alley
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

Really. The last thing we needed here was to host…

A bike bumper sticker:

Somewhere Else 2024 Bike Sticker

At a Bike Rack
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

I’m tired of taking pictures of snow banks.

Bicycles like to hibernate in snow castles.

20150213 bike01 600x350

20150213 bike02 600x353

Under the Snow
Cambridge, MA