And it sure beats mini golf.

One of New England’s oldest microbreweries.

Beer-Tasting Bartender | Atlantic Brewing Company | Bar Harbor Maine
Our bartender at the beer-tasting.

Belt Sander Races poster | Atlantic Brewing Company | Bar Harbor Maine
Belt Sander Races (for charity). So sorry we can’t stay for this.

Atlantic Brewing Company
Bar Harbor, Maine

Just like mom used to make.

The office was switched to a new coffee system which can do lattes and other foamy drinks. Of course to do this, you need Real Milk Froth.

Even the boxes are mouth-watering:

Cases of Real Mike Froth.
“Real Milk Froth”. Mmmm-Mmmm Good.

The office storage area
At work

Lowell’s Little Canada is gone, but Poutine lives.

This erotic food vendor was at Lowell’s annual Winterfest this weekend.
(On a record-setting warm February day.)

Vulgar Display of Poutine - Winterfest 2017 - Downtown Lowell MA
Vulgar Display of Poutine – Winterfest 2017

Lowell’s Winterfest 2017
Lucy Larkham Park
Downtown Lowell, MA

I ain’t gonna tell this happy lamb about his fate.

Considering what’s in store for this critter, maybe he’s actually running away.

Happy Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot sign, Central Square, Cambridge MA USA
A soon-to-be not so happy lamb?

Mongolian Hot Pot
Central Square, Mass Ave.
Cambridge, MA

Every culture has stuffed dough.

Christmas Eve around my house means the kitchen countertops will be covered with flour. This year’s pierogis were filled with cabbage and onion, potato and cheese, and cranberries and tangerines.

Rollin in the dough.  Making pierogis.
The dough-making station.

Middle-steps. Ready-to-boil.

Potato and cheese pierogis, ready to fry
Potato and cheese pierogis, ready to fry.

My kitchen
Lowell, MA


Went out to a bar with some former colleagues last night.   This was the Drink Specials menu.

Post-Election Drink Specials, Grendel's Den, Harvard Square, Cambridge MA
Post-election drink specials.

I love Massachusetts.

Grendel’s Den
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

Matthew Ebel at the Aeronaut Brewing Company

Saturday afternoon, geek singer-songwriter Matthew Ebel held his annual beer bash at Somerville’s Aeronaut Brewing.

Matthew Ebel at Aeronaut Brewing
Matthew at the keyboards. Dig the MacBook decal!

Matthew Ebel at Aeronaut Brewing: Beer List
I can personally recommend the Saison.

Matthew Ebel at Aeronaut Brewing: Kegs to be Filled
Kegs waiting to be filled.

Matthew Ebel at Aeronaut Brewing: Matthew hamming it up
Hamming it up after the show.

Aeronaut Brewing
Somerville, MA