Two ways to move.

A wicked nice summer afternoon for a bike ride, hot but not too muggy, nice breeze. And these kayaks were waiting for their absentee paddlers:

Kayaks for Rent, Charles River, Boston MA
Kayaks, Charles River

“Liar Liar! Hair on Fire!”   That’s the rhyme, right?

Person with hair on fire, tour bus, Harvard Square, Cambridge MA

[1] Along the Charles River, Soldiers Field Road, Boston MA
[2] Mt Auburn Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

“Festive” is not a word you think of about Jersey barriers.

On the way home tonight, I saw this gentleman reworking a dozen Jerzey barriers into works of contemporary art.

Artist Bret Weese: Under contract for the Lowell Folk Festival.  Painting safety barriers.  Lowell MA

Artist Bret Weese: Under contract for the Lowell Folk Festival.  Painting safety barriers.  Lowell MA

He is Bret Weese, one of the artists selected by the City of Lowell’s Cultural Affairs and Special Events Office “Block Project” whose aim is to transform crowd safety concrete into festival-ready works of original art in preparation for the 2017 Lowell Folk Festival, July 28-30, 2017. Four other participating artists painted the giant concrete cubes in the background.

In the Prep Area
Between the Pawtucket and Hamilton Canals
Lowell, MA

“I do believe it; I do believe it’s true.”

The snow leopards and the goats share a rocky hill here.

Barriers are here for your protection. Do not cross. | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
What could go wrong?

Caution. Animals Can Bite. | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
No, really. What could go wrong?

Arctic Fox | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
Bite? This pretty little puppy would never bite.

Eagle and Owl | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
These little birdies couldn’t hurt anybody!

Nursing Monkeys | Stone Zoo, Stoneham MA
Oh my goodness! The momma monkey’s tits are showing!

The Stone Zoo
Stoneham, MA

I think blue herons and people can both cross here.

Took a lunchtime ride to Waltham and crossed over the Charles River on this beautiful trail bridge.

Massachusetts DCR Blue Heron Bridge over the Charles River, Waltham MA

Charles River Reservation
Blue Heron Bridge
Charles River
Waltham, MA

I didn’t drop it, but…

Had a great ride today to and through the Lowell Dracut State Forest on a *perfect* summer afternoon. You, gentle reader, might note the lack of knobby tires and suspension on the bicycle, but when it comes to roads and trails, this bike puts a grin on my face that can’t be beat.

Lowell Dracut State Forest and my Bianchi bike.  Lowell MA
Not a mountain bike

Lowell Dracut State Forest
Carney Road area
Lowell, MA

At Lowell’s GLBT Pride Family Picnic

The Lowell Pride Committee held the second annual Lowell Pride Family Picnic today. In it’s honor, the weather changed from oppressive to perfect. There was live music, fabulous drag queens, and lots of local organizations. And this lady across the canal with her magic bubble fish nets:

The amazing bubble lady, Utopia Park, Lowell MA


The amazing bubble lady, Utopia Park, Lowell MA


The way this thing works is that she dips the big net into a bucket of soapy water, then holds the net up to the breeze. She also had a net that was just one big hole; it made person-sized bubbles that split and joined like magic.

UPDATE 07/07/2017:
The Lowell Sun ran a story about the bubble lady this morning. She is MJ Bujold, a Lowell artist.

Utopia Park
Along the Pawtucket and Hamilton Canals
Downtown Lowell, MA

It only sounds like a CBS crime drama

The Massachusetts State Police have a barracks on Boston Harbor at the Charles River.

Massachusetts State Police Marine Division, Charles River Boston Harbor, Boston MA
Massachusetts State Police Marine Division

It’s probably more interesting working here than doing speed patrols on I-495.

At the end of the Charles River
(As viewed from Lovejoy Wharf)
Boston, MA

Somehow, I’ve never been to the North End.

So on the way to North Station tonight, I biked across the street and through the North End for the first time. Although the waterfront parks are delightful, the rest of the neighborhood is filled with rude clueless tourists and unpredictable clueless car drivers. Get me the hell outta here!

North End waterfront from Langone Park, Boston MA
Boston’s North End Waterfront.

Hanover Street, North End, Boston MA
Hanover Street. The bell tower is St Steven’s Church.

North End neighborhood
Boston, MA