…But will they let me come back home?

Earlier this afternoon, my vacation travels took me across the St. Croix River from Maine into New Brunswick.

American Border Station: Downtown Calais Maine
The American Border people are housed in a traditional red brick building.

American Border Station: Downtown Calais Maine - Fallout Shelter!
This is the northernmost Fallout Shelter sign I’ve ever seen!

American Border Station: Downtown Calais Maine - St. Croix River
The actual US-Canadian boundary is in the middle of the St. Croix River.
The right plaque reads “This unfortified boundary line between the DOMINION OF CANADA and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should quicken the remembrance of the more than a century old friendship between these countries. A lesson of peace to all nations. Erected May 6 1935, Kiwanis International”.

American Border Station: Downtown St. Stephen, New Brunswick
The Canadian Border people are housed in a cement block.

The US-Canadian Border
Calais Maine, St. Stephen New Brunswick

I saw this one a couple weeks ago flopping around in the wind.

Haiku for an unloved Fallout Shelter and rotting sign:
Its sign: not attached.
But worst of all, the notice
Outlaws loitering.

Rotting Fallout Shelter Sign, Central Square Cambridge MA

Rotting Fallout Shelter Sign (close-up), Central Square Cambridge MA

Mass Ave, Central Square
Cambridge, MA

The first one I found outside New England.

The Bush Tower is a half-block away from Times Square. On this snowy day, its street-level facade is being rebuilt, but its  FALLOUT SHELTER IN BASEMENT  sign remains!

Fallout Shelter in Basement: Bush Tower, New York City

Bush Tower
135 W 41st St (back entrance).
New York, NY

I haven’t found a new one in a long time.

Haiku for a forgotten Fallout Shelter sign.
Central Square Cambridge:
A sign once proud, but now it’s
Rusting and Obscure.

Fallout Shelter: Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge, MA

Fallout Shelter: Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge, MA


Mass Ave
Central Square
Cambridge, MA

Last one under the bed’s a rotten egg!

I found another Fallout Shelter sign yesterday, this time at the Lowell Housing Authority’s North Common Village on Salem Street in Lowell.

Fallout Shelter, Lowell Housing Authority

The best thing about this sign is that it’s not near a door at all. I guess you climb into this guy’s bedroom, hide under the bed, and hope things will be OK.

Salem Street
Lowell, MA

Found another one!

The Bartlett Building at Mass General Hospital has a weird little 4-foot-tall door facing the street. Just above the door and to the left is a Fallout Shelter sign.

Mass General Fallout Shelter

This Fallout Shelter sign’s dark gray-blue background is also fading away (like the one in Lowell from last week).
Mass General Hospital Fallout Shelter

Picture The Three Stooges or Homer Simpson leading 470 people into this shelter, each person bopping his head on the top of the door frame.












MGH, Blossom Street
Boston, MA

Man, these are hard to find!

Although the Edith Norse Rogers School in Lowell was completely rebuilt in the 2000’s, its original Fallout Shelter sign from the early 1960’s was untouched.

Edith Norse Rogers School

But its original dark gray-blue background has faded away:
Fallout Shelter

Highland Street
Lowell, MA