Preventing animal abuse.

I’m home sick in bed, and the cat still has not developed opposable thumbs.

But she did let me sleep until 9 o’clock before demanding to be fed.

The starving Cat demanding to be fed
How can you say no to that face?

In Bed
At Home
Lowell, MA

Halloween is Bitchin’.

Haiku for the pumpkin patch a week before Halloween:
Tons of orange gourds
That I’ll stab and make scary.
Oh, there’s llamas, too.

Marlin at the pumpkin patch, Krochmal Farms, Tewksbury MA
Pumpkins and Marlin’s ghost

Llama with mascara, Krochmal Farms, Tewksbury MA
Overly mascara’ed llama

Krochmal Farms
Tewksbury, MA

Gettin’ high in the park.

Marlon brought his kite and we walked over to the park on a perfect breezy Sunday afternoon.

Trying to fly a kite. Shedd Park, Lowell MA
I’m at the end of the string. The kite’s going nowhere.

The kite at 100 feet! Shedd Park, Lowell MA
Marlon’s the Man! Soaring about 100 feet high.

Shedd Park
Lowell MA

Dammit. Your train station is better than my train station.

We headed to NYC Sunday and took the train from New Haven to Grand Central Station.

Main Lobby, Union Station, MTA Metro North, New Haven, Connecticut
Union Station, main lobby.

Tunnel to Tracks, Union Station, MTA Metro North, New Haven, Connecticut
Union Station, tunnel to trains.

Grand Central Station, Main Concourse, MTA, New York City
Grand Central Station, main concourse.

Now these are train stations.

1,2: Union Station, New Haven, CT
3: Grand Central Station, New York City

Marc is obviously Wilfred. He is clearly not Eeyore.

On Halloween, the neighbors dress-up to give out treats (and drink autumnal beer).

Halloween: Pooh photobombs Wilfred

OK, so we drank a lot of autumnal beer.

Our neighborhood
Lowell, MA

One and the same person.

The person who ate this entire box:

Sprinked Donut Cap'n Crunch

Acts like this around a chainsaw:

Marc and the Chainsaw

Any questions?

The Backyard
Lowell, MA

Me & Marc had our Valentine’s Dinner a little early.

Great company, great food, great location.

20150212 valdin 600x450

“It would look better without the dirty dessert plates,” he said.

Ricardo’s Café Trattoria
Gorham Street
Downtown Lowell, MA

He was a good guy.

This is the guy who taught me that argument is a Sport-with-a-capital-S.

This is the guy who showed me that earning what you need and what you want takes work and determination.

This is the guy who, despite all his bluster, had friends in every minority group in the city, and had fun at his gay son’s wedding.

This is my dad. He died yesterday morning.

20150123 dad 600x450

At his birthday party in 2000
Lowell, MA