Both of these kinda bother me

Two stickers today, both a little weird.

OUT OF OTHER - MBTA Commuter Rail from Lowell to Boston
“OUT OF OTHER” | On the train this morning.

WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE BOSTON | On a bike rack in Somerville

The web site for the World Naked Bike Ride has lots of details. They describe it as grown-up, very respectful, party time; as bare as you dare!
Yeah, I won’t be there.

[1] MBTA Commuter Rail from Lowell to Boston MA
[2] Elm St Somerville MA

No bike today; forced to take the Red Line.

Coming out of the Cambridge tunnel, about to cross the Charles into Boston…

View from the Red Line, Longfellow Bridge, Charles River, Cambridge MA

View from the MBTA Red Line
Approaching the Longfellow Bridge construction site
Cambridge, MA

I should’ve read the instructions, but…

Today was the new folding bike’s first ride on the train! Full-sized 700c wheels and all!

Montague Urban folding bike on MBTA commuter rail train.  Lowell MA
Montague Urban folding bike

(Pssst: If you click on the ABOUT link at the top of the page, you can follow my bike commutes via Strava.)

MBTA Lowell-to-Boston Commuter Rail
Lowell MA

So I guess there’s another Alien movie coming?

Took the MBTA Red Line to Porter Square to pick up my new bike. This particular car was a little creepy.

MBTA Red Line car - Alien movie promo

MBTA Red Line
Somewhere under Porter Square
Cambridge MA

MBAs have been killing American businesses for years.

Didn’t notice the graffiti/vandalism on this Red Line ad for a while, but a closer look… perfect.

Creative vandalism on a B-School ad.
The Secret Life of a B-School Student

On the MBTA Red Line
Somewhere Under Cambridge, MA

Reading about train rides during my train rides.

Fun reading about two women who aren’t really connected.

The Girl on the Train - As being read on the train.
“The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins

On the train home
Somewhere between Boston and Lowell MA

Nobody else went to work today. How come I had to?

My Friday morning commute before a 3-day weekend and school vacation week.
The train was hella roomier than usual:

Fairly empty train, Friday morning commute before a long weekend.  MBTA Commuter Rail Lowell Line
This morning’s fairly empty train.

MBTA Commuter Rail
Inbound Lowell Line train
Somewhere around Billerica, MA

Decorating with ice.

The Anderson Woburn commuter rail station, after a couple of winter storms, as viewed from this morning’s Lowell train to Boston.

Anderson Woburn MBTA Commuter Rail Station - Woburn MA
Icycles on the Anderson Woburn MBTA Amtrak commuter rail station

(btw, “RTC” means Regional Transportation Center.)

Anderson Woburn Station
Woburn, MA

The view from a very, very stopped Red Line train this morning.

This lion guards the Boston-end tower of the under-reconstruction Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River.

Lion Head on the Longfellow Bridge, Boston MA
Lion Head on the Longfellow Bridge.

Longfellow Bridge
(As viewed from a very, very stopped Red Line car)
Boston, MA

Kidnapped in a closed train at each station.

Tonight’s MBTA Red Line was magical. It took over 30 minutes to get from Central Square to Charles/MGH. That’s about 5 minutes longer than it takes to walk from Central Square all the way to North Station.

The trains arrive at a station, open their doors, let passengers on and off, close the doors, move forward 10 feet, then stop for five minutes or so, trapping passengers inside behind closed doors. Repeat at each station.

MBTA Red Line stops between stops. Kendall Square.  Central Square.  Cambridge MA
Left:   Trapped on the Red Line train at Kendall Square.
Right:   Trapped on the Red Line train at Central Square.

MBTA Red Line
1: Kendall Square (inbound) Station
2: Central Square (inbound) Station
Beneath Cambridge, MA