We headed north today for a pre-Thanksgiving lunch.

I was confused by this sign in the men’s room in a Dunky’s this morning:

20141116 conw01 600x450

But this bathroom is used by backpackers, canoeists, and snowboarders.
(Speaking from personal experience, stinky people.)

20141116 conw02 600x450

Conway, New Hampshire: Outlet stores, restaurants, bars, mountains, lakes, rivers, and head shops.

20141116 conw03 600x450

Away from the commercial strip, Conway is a beautiful place.

20141116 conw04 600x450

Along the White Mountain Highway (Route 16)
Conway, NH

My camera battery died; these pictures are from the iPhone.

The ATHM is located in the former Kitson Machine Shop mill on the edge of downtown Lowell. I was poking around the building today, looking at the surrounding neighborhood, as framed by the big old mill windows.

20141115 millwind01 600x450

20141115 millwind02 600x450

Also found this old tool box. The smell inside the box was totally he-man cologne.

20141115 milltool03 600x450

American Textile History Museum
Lowell, MA USA

My beloved jack-o-lantern is becoming a Walker.

It’s Halloween plus two weeks:
One of the coolest things about jack-o-lanterns is how they age into horrible withered, wrinkled, creepy creatures.

20141113 oldpump01 600x636

The Front Porch

My whole neighborhood is wicked pretty right now.

Fort Hill Park was gorgeous today just before sunset.
No camera or Photoshop tricks — the colors really were this vivid.

20141111 foliage02 600x320

20141111 foliage03 600x419

20141111 foliage01 600x650

Fort Hill Park


In which I am a photographic timelord!

North Station was crawling with steekin’ puckheads tonight. Mercifully, the trains were running on time.

20141110 passeng02 600x450

20141110 passeng01 600x356

People boarding their 6:15pm train to Rockport
North Station, Boston

This is straight out of The Hardy Boys.

My dad recently moved to a more secure nursing home that specializes in dementia and Alzheimers care. The staff is wonderfully attentive and very friendly.

The doors are camouflaged to help draw the residents’ attention away from them, to help prevent the residents from accidentally leaving the area. Each set of doors is unique, and is hand-painted in a charming folk-art style…

20141109 door01 600x450

When the museum itself is the empty canvas.

The ATHM is preparing for their next exhibit, Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol.   The special galleries have been cleared of the previous show and are being re-created with paint, spackling compound, temporary walls, and props.

20141108 emptygal01 600x450

20141108 emptygal02 600x450

20141108 emptygal04 600x450

20141108 emptygal03 600x450

20141108 emptygal05 600x450

American Textile History Museum


Thoreau promises, but a different artist delivers.

The quote from Thoreau says, “If the middle of the day prove warm and pleasant, I promise myself to take a walk.”   Thoreau was a wuss. This morning it felt raw and breezy, but we all managed to walk to work anyway.

20141107 nice01 600x450

Meanwhile, this artist got my Red Line trip off to a pleasant start. Thank you.

20141107 nice02 600x365

Thoreau Path, Boston
MBTA Red Line at Charles/MGH, Boston


I wish I could’ve floated downstream with Edward Abbey.

Running out of the house this morning, I grabbed Edward Abbey’s Down the River to re-read. It’s the account of Abbey and a bunch of middle-aged friends on a week-long Southwestern river trip. In the book, Abbey brings along his copy of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden to re-read.

20141106 abbey01 600x450

Thoreau can come across as an annoying indulgent self-righteous woodsy dandy, but Thoreau as interpreted by Abbey is wonderful reading.

On the 6:25p train
Heading home to Lowell