Here’s my second try at this.

The city after five o’clock at night through lighted windows…

20141105 aftfive08 600x450

20141105 aftfive09 600x450

20141105 aftfive03 600x450

20141105 aftfive04 600x450

20141105 aftfive06 600x423

20141105 aftfive07 600x438

20141105 aftfive01 600x437

Central Square, Cambridge
Cambridge & Staniford Streets, Boston


I used to be very shy. But screw that.

Today’s graffiti is special. Short-bus special.

This little one on the back of a sign is imaginary graffiti. If you don’t know what that means, ask a mathematician.

20141104 shy01 600x390

The steelworkers on this new building tagged the i-beams. Destined to become absolutely hidden graffiti for the next hundred years or so.

20141104 shy02 600x237

20141104 shy03 600x238

20141104 shy04 600x334

1: Gallagher Terminal, Lowell
2, 3, 4: Cambridge Street at Grove Street, West End, Boston

I had to meet with a few people at the med school today.

The main quad at the Harvard Medical School was built around the turn of the Twentieth Century. It’s got big, heavy granite buildings with severe, understated design, created to make you understand you’re entering someplace important, somber, and wickedly exclusive. Most of the doors look like just this.  Similarity to church doors is entirely intentional:

20141103 med01 600x800
After I was done, I took the Green Line to North Station.  Two things to note about the next station stop: (1) It was not Riverway. (2) The number of passengers on this train tripled.

20141103 med02 600x450


Harvard Medical School, Longwood Area, Boston
MBTA Green Line E Train, Eastbound entering Copley Station


Isn’t this technology incredible?

The American Textile History Museum has a huge collection of antique spinning machines. They’re from a time when high technology was implemented in wood.

20141102 woody03 600x450

20141102 woody02 600x450

Can you imagine the skill required to make these wooden screw and gear mechanisms, designed to be used for generations?

20141102 woody01 600x450

20141102 woody04 600x450


American Textile History Museum
Dutton Street
Downtown Lowell


Down with the Man! Down with Conformity!


This vanity plate got past the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles?

20141030 van01 600x354

(A compu-nerdy expression that does not mean “Read The Funny Manual“. Read the Wikipedia article.)


Meanwhile, this van is artsy-awesome.

20141030 van02 600x485

So much cooler than those Google Street View camera vehicles.

Here’s the clicky links to the and sites.

I love this old tree.

Exactly 32,491 squirrels live in this big maple tree.
20141029 backwindow01 600x450

The light in the upstairs hallway has a beautiful golden glow this time of year.

The tree in my back yard