I exist because of this river.

A perfect autumn Saturday afternoon, along the Merrimack River here in Lowell.

20141025 merrim02 600x450

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Merrimack River
Along Pawtucket Boulevard


Trying to outdo “Counting Down”

Always carrying the camera gives me an excuse to play these stupid games.

20141020 lettA 600x400

20141020 lettB 290x218     20141020 lettC 290x218

20141020 lettD 600x350

20141020 lettE 290x330     20141020 lettF 290x330

20141020 lettG 600x436

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Bunch o’ Signs
Cambridge & Boston


Feeling kinda melancholy on a perfect autumn day.


Today was one of those perfect fall days. Blustery, cool, sunny, dramatic sky. The sounds and smells of walking through crispy leaves brings back memories.

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Fort Hill Park &
Shedd Park

I can’t picture building these systems without computers.

Tiny, precision gears and gear works from the textile history museum…

20141018 lilgear03 600x450

20141018 lilgear02 600x450

20141018 lilgear01 600x450


American Textile History Museum


I’ve worked in two museums, so I know stuff.


20141017 artsy01 380x274

The artist transforms his self portrait into a minimalist flow of whiteness; in the process he bares his soul in spray strokes of pure light. Bringing an almost brutalist sensibility, he exposes technique without ornamentation, without excess, without apology.

The installation does not merely enhance the portraiture. Rather, it serves to ground the artist’s work in the context of additional connective senses. The precise geometric placement of the receptacle — the so-called ‘Dumpster’ — joins in time and space with the ancient wall of brick and mortar to excite the nose and evoke aromatically linked memories as ancient and wild as the space itself.

A further study of the painting reveals more sensual distortion. The subject’s eyes, traditionally considered the locus of the visual sense, are here metamorphasized into a child’s representation of hearts, traditionally considered the locus of the emotional senses. Thus, the eyes literally become the connection to the heart, the lens to the soul.


Behind the gray dumpster
Harvard Square


I work in Harvard Square.

Harvard Square in Cambridge is disorganized. The streets and sidewalks are filled with punks, students, street people, hipsters and hippies, bankers, construction workers, hawkers, office workers, tourists, retirees, signature collectors, fast food cooks, musicians, stoners, artists, police, and professors. The weird and the bland. And it all spills down into the gigantic Harvard Square Red Line Station underneath it all.

20141015 subw 600x450

On the left, normals trying to spread god-magic. On the right, a college kid busking classical violin.

Harvard Square T Station
Upper Unpaid Concourse