Like wow. Just wow.

Ornamental grasses are cool. This guy thought it’d be even cooler next to his Harley bumper sticker.

Ornamental grass in a pickup truck

Yup. It was planted and growing in the back of the truck in the space behind the tool chest.

Blossom Street at MGH

This didn’t happen in my family.

Knock Back

Chelmsford Street

Two things to consider:

  1. If you’re 20 years old, a 24-ounce can of cheap beer is a quick buzz on the drive home.
  2. Family-style dinner is where you pass the potatoes and peas.

But a 24-ounce Family Beer Can?

24 oz beer can, 99 cents

The store’s slogan is “Oh Thank Heaven”.

Knock Down

Thorndike Street

The Hood’s mill chimney that was struck by lightning a couple of weekends ago is being torn down.

mostly torn-down chimney

Even at 30 feet tall, I think of it as “not much left”.

It’s still hard to breathe sometimes.

Six years ago today, a very bad thing happened.

Time moves on and everything changes.

20140916 perry1 600x450

20140916 perry2 600x450


He’s not making silly poses on the pedestal any more.

20140916 perry3 600x450


He and the doggies aren’t scrambling up the rock any more.

20140916 perry4 600x450


And sometimes it’s still raw and I still feel naked.

20140916 perry5 600x450


But I saw the best in people — friends, family, people from work, new loved ones — people I can’t thank enough for watching out for me.

20140916 perry7 600x450


And because I was home today I saw this shy little guy watching me in the park:

20140916 perry8 600x450


People are resilient.


Fort Hill Park

I often just skip it and walk.

The MBTA’s Red Line subway line is known for four things:

  1. It connects Harvard, MIT, Mass General Hospital, Downtown Boston and UMass Boston/JFK Library and the northern and southern suburbs.
  2. It stops at random places between stations because of “traffic ahead”.
  3. Its main branch turned 100 years old last year.
  4. It features Make Your Own Subway Maps.

You got some dry erase markers? You can name your own stops!

Write it in.


Or is Magnetic Poetry more your style?

Magnetic Poetry


Lucky for me I got off at the Harvard Square station this morning, because this train apparently faded away after the Porter Square stop:

The train fades away


But really… “Traffic ahead” when there hasn’t been a train go by in over five minutes?

I’m a junk food vegetarian.

Since cutting back half the mulberry tree a couple weeks ago, my little back yard vegetable garden has been getting more sunlight, and things are finally growing. Yeah, it’s mid-September, kinda late, but things are growing.

We use an old wheelbarrow to grow herbs. The parsley and basil have been doing fine all summer. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly picked basil.




The eggplants now have fruit. Is there any vegetable more beautiful than an eggplant?

Eggplant the first

20140913 garden04 550x436


OK. Heirloom tomatoes are darned handsome, too.

Brown heirloom tomato

Yellow mini banana tomatoes


This cuke got eaten a few minutes after its picture was taken. It was crisp and delicate, and smelled so good.

20140913 garden08 550x421


But those damned zucchini plants. Pretty flowers, but still no fruit. This is why god made Hannaford’s produce department, I guess.

20140913 garden05 550x422

My Saturday mornings.

If you don’t think about it too much, textile design is just arranging threads into patterns. Here’s twelve patterns of threads and yarns for your browsing pleasure.

20140912 thread01 550x413

20140912 thread02 550x413

20140912 thread03 550x413

20140912 thread04 550x413

20140912 thread05 550x413

20140912 thread06 550x413

20140912 thread07 550x413

20140912 thread08 550x413

20140912 thread09 550x413

20140912 thread10 550x413

20140912 thread11 550x413

20140912 thread12 550x413

20140906 athmlogo 50x57All images captured at the American Textile History Museum in Lowell Massachusetts, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution.
“Telling America’s story through the art, history, and science of textiles”

The ATHM has no connection with this blog. Please don’t blame them for anything you see here.

I grew up around train tracks.

Construction Guys

The LRTA is rebuilding one of the parking garages at Lowell’s Gallagher Terminal. The construction crews tore it down to the skeleton, and are putting it all back together. They’re almost at the top floor:

20140912 garage2 500x500

20140912 garage3 500x500

20140912 garage4 500x500


Painted Trains

Artwork on the side of a freight train in Lowell this morning:

20140912 train1 500x315

20140912 train2 500x321

From a pedestrian detour outside North Station in Boston:

20140912 notart 500x400

I am not a “car guy”, but I do like the fall.

This is not what Double Parking means

The valet parking lot for Mass General Hospital is a plot of hot top surrounded by a privacy fence. Nothing unusual, except … why is that blue car above the fence?

20140911 parking1 500x375


This is your car.
This is your car on a Honda.
Any questions?

20140911 parking2 500x500


Autumn is nice, but it ain’t autumn yet.

To every-thing
Turn, turn, turn

20140911 leaves1 500x500

There is a season
Turn, turn, turn.

20140911 leaves2 500x400

But let’s not rush it
Turn, turn, turn.


The photo with the gas light looks Photoshopped, but it isn’t. It’s a combination of really cool light through the leaves, and a dirty camera lens. But it is too early for all this.

Tourists make my underarm hairs hurt.

People come from all over the world to get in my way at work. They block the bagel case at the coffee shop; they block the sidewalks along the street; they block the stairways and building entrances. But mostly, they take pictures.

Guy taking pictures with iPad


Guy taking pictures with a red camera


Guy taking pictures with a yellow shirt

My office used to be on the other side of this area.
I photobombed dozens of pictures every day.


Guy taking pictures with black hair


Girl taking pictures next to guy


Guy taking pictures with blue shirt

Wait — Was that guy taking a picture with his crappy BlackBerry™ while holding a real camera?


Woman taking picture with long hair


Someone taking video with camcorder

Oh, come on guy. Nobody has used a camcorder in years. Use your freakin iPhone like everyone else.


I’m a bleeding-heart liberal faggot, and I vote.

Today was Primary Election Day in Massachusetts, so I left work early to get home to vote.

Went down the Harvard Square Red Line station. You can make your own damned comment about lights and ends and tunnels.

Subway coming


Got home and went over to the school to vote.

Vote Here


But there was something missing.

No signs here

This sidewalk should be filled with people holding signs for their favorite candidates. (This is where I once got into a very  heated argument with a supporter of candidate Dave Nangle, who was opposed to gay marriage.) But this evening, there was nobody there. There’s supposed to be people there. It’s a nice tradition.