I like the bronze one.


Today’s green rust:20140925 bridge1 600x450

The Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River between Boston and Cambridge is being rebuilt. MassDOT is trying to figure out what color to paint the trim. Like many homeowners, they got some paint samples and tried out a few different things.


20140925 bridge2 600x450

20140925 bridge3 600x450

20140925 bridge4 600x450

20140925 bridge5 600x450

Longfellow Bridge
Boston & Cambridge


But not together, OK?


These guys sell pickled asparagus. It’s crispy and flavorful and wicked good. But don’t make any Portlandia  jokes there; they’ve heard them all.


Cambridge Street
East Cambridge


The third ice cream post in four days?     Sigh. I’m so sorry.
Fast food ice cream is not ice cream, but it hit the spot after my walk past the pickle place.

Ice Cream-ish

North Station


This is why I’m an overweight vegetarian.

Q :

What’s the best way to make me stop while I’m walking home from work on Monday evenings?


A :

Frozen Hoagies

Frozen Hoagies Ice Cream Sandwich Truck
Blossom Street across from Mass General Hospital

This is why I’m not vegan.

The neighbors came by to see if I wanted to go to Meadowlands for ice cream. Tough question.

20140921 meadowl1 600x450

It’s called Meadowlands because of the meadow behind the ice cream stand. Ugly new McMansions are shrinking the meadow, but it’s still pretty.

20140921 meadowl2 600x400

Meadowlands Ice Cream
N Billerica Rd

This is my city.

The Appleton and Hamilton mills were the last of Lowell’s giant textile mill complexes to be rehabbed. They’re now being transformed into a combination of office space, unique residences, UML-sponsored research, artist studios, a medical center, music and performance space, a charter school, parks, and some retail.

I wandered around the neighborhood this afternoon and took too many pictures.

20140920 jackson01 600x450


20140920 jackson08 600x450


20140920 jackson11 600x450


20140920 jackson07 600x450


20140920 jacksonA 290x218   20140920 jacksonB 290x218


20140920 jackson06 600x450


20140920 jackson02 600x432


20140920 jackson10 600x450


20140920 jackson12 600x450


20140920 jacksonD 290x218   20140920 jacksonC 290x218


20140920 jackson05 600x450


20140920 jackson15 600x450


Appleton Mills and Hamilton Mills
Hamilton Canal, Pawtucket Canal
Jackson Street


(Hey, don’t blame the security guard; I took the inside shot through a window.)

I feel so protected.

My daily commute starts with a People Tunnel in a construction area in Lowell.

People Tunnel in Lowell

Gallagher Terminal


Then it continues at a People Tunnel in a construction zone in Boston.

People Tunnel in Boston

Next to North Station


But I just don’t understand this one in Cambridge:

People Tunnel in Cambridge

Main Street approaching Kendall Square

Yeah, it’s covering a bike lane between car lanes and the sidewalk.

Like wow. Just wow.

Ornamental grasses are cool. This guy thought it’d be even cooler next to his Harley bumper sticker.

Ornamental grass in a pickup truck

Yup. It was planted and growing in the back of the truck in the space behind the tool chest.

Blossom Street at MGH

This didn’t happen in my family.

Knock Back

Chelmsford Street

Two things to consider:

  1. If you’re 20 years old, a 24-ounce can of cheap beer is a quick buzz on the drive home.
  2. Family-style dinner is where you pass the potatoes and peas.

But a 24-ounce Family Beer Can?

24 oz beer can, 99 cents

The store’s slogan is “Oh Thank Heaven”.

Knock Down

Thorndike Street

The Hood’s mill chimney that was struck by lightning a couple of weekends ago is being torn down.

mostly torn-down chimney

Even at 30 feet tall, I think of it as “not much left”.