HoneyBear In-Home Support


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Computer help for you. Help for your parents. Help for friends.
All at affordable prices with service you can trust.

When should you call HoneyBear Computer Services?
•When your PC seems to have mind of its own.
We can show you how to use your programs. •When you can't figure out how to use that new program.
•When it's time to add more memory or a bigger hard disk.
•When you want to connect new printers, cameras, scanners and other devices.
•When you've got two or more computers and you want to share files and share a single Internet connection.
•When you want your laptop computer on-line without wires.
•When you and your family would like in-home training about your computers.

Maybe you'd like to have someone take care of your parents' or grandparents' computers to help keep them in touch through email and the web.
We'll show you how... Sometimes you want someone to show you how it's done.
What if you just don't have the time it takes to do all that messy and confusing work to keep your computer running smoothly and up-to-date.
Or, if you're like most people, you just want your computer to work, and want someone to call when there's problems.

HoneyBear Computer Services In-Home Support: Affordable, convenient, honest, and reliable service for your Macintosh or Windows PC.