HoneyBear Video Services


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Training videos to music videos. Legal firms and real estate agents. Business seminars or sports team play analysis. Editing services and commercial productions. It's all HoneyBear Video Services for business.

Video recording using top-quality Canon digital equipment.
All our recordings are direct-to-digital for highest clarity audio and video. We can provide one camera or several cameras to meet your specific needs.

Digital video editing services.
We can edit your video to meet specific length requirements, to add focus and commentary, to include your music or narration, and to perform title insertion and other editing services. We use genuine Final Cut DV editing software.

DVD setup, burning, and duplication.
Let us add interactive menus and chapter markers to your video and burn it to DVD. And we can arrange for complete duplication, labelling, and distribution. Need output to VHS? No problem! We can handle that, too.

Technically aware.
When you choose HoneyBear Video Services to record and edit your seminar, meeting, or event, you get a staff that understands technology, business, and education. We encourage client collaboration, but we don't require "babysitting" to produce great video.

When confidentiality is important, we protect our clients' information, and will securely dispose of all of our video and audio from your event upon completion. We honor all "do not tape" requests for people at your event.