Remembering Loved Ones


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When a loved one passes, we're left with photographs, stories, knick-knacks, and other gentle reminders of their soul and spirit. We think about the places they lived, the people they knew, their creations, and their words. And we want to hold each of these memories tightly.

A Remembrance Video from HoneyBear can help keep the memories alive for you and your family. What goes into a Remembrance Video? No two are quite alike, but may we suggest:

  • Photographs with descriptive narrations from you and your family.
  • Walking tours of special places in your loved one's life.
  • Reminiscences. Friends and family all together, sharing their favorite memories.
  • Excerpts from home movies and home videos.
  • One on one "interview" style stories with friends and loved ones.
  • Things your loved one made or built: handcrafts, furniture, artwork, decorations, buildings, clothing, music.


When is the right time to do a Remembrance Video? That's up to you. Sometimes months or years need to pass; sometimes the loved one himself may want to leave something to be remembered by. When you are comfortable, call us. Let us put together a fitting remembrance of your loved one, for you and for all those who share your love.